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We help businesses by taking away the stress and strain of acquiring and running vehicles.  Covering all makes of cars and vans, lease or buy.

  • We help businesses to select the right company cars by reviewing CO2 Emissions, Benefit in Kind(BIK) Taxation, Fuel Costs, and Running Costs - easily compare car information side-by-side.
  • We also help businesses to select the right vans by reviewing Payload, Load Length, Load Height, Towing Weight and Running Costs - easily compare van information side-by-side.
  • Some clients found vehicle leasing quite daunting at first.  We provided information and help, allowing them to make an informed decision.
  • Want to compare deals on different makes and models of vehicles for your business, but don't have time to travel around all the dealers?  trueFleet can do it all for you.

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About our adviser

Paul O'Leary, trueFleet®

trueFleet® is a Vehicle and Leasing Brokerage based in Huddersfield.

Founder, Paul O'Leary has gained over 24 years of valuable experience with company cars and vans in the fleet and leasing industry, dealing with companies of all sizes across the country.

We help small and medium sized businesses in the Yorkshire area to choose vehicles wisely, saving you time and money.  We can provide you with vehicle solutions that are specifically tailored to your business, with the aim of reducing your vehicle costs, administration and risk.

Acting as a go-between to the vehicle dealers or the leasing companies, we co-ordinate the whole process for you, taking away any hassle and saving you time involved with purchasing or leasing a vehicle.  We can also work closely with your Accountant to ensure that you get “The Right Vehicle, at the Right Time and at the Right Price”.

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