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Do you have it? it's all about attitude...

…more to the point, do your people have it? Breakthrough provides cost-effective, sales, management, leadership and personal development through a range of tailored client-specific programmes. We also work with our clients helping them to develop their competitive edge through experienced management consultancy and they tell us we do that really well. What sets us apart is our focus on attitude. Changing attitudes and behaviours is what transfers the skillset from the training room to your business domain.

Breakthrough uses consultants, associates and business partners from a wide range of industries and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our client base includes local, national and international organisations. Our reputation is based on a practical “real life” approach to learning and development and we work with a great number of companies in many diverse industries.

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About our adviser

Len J Campey, Breakthrough

Breakthrough work very closely with SMEs and corporate clients to deliver business success, growth, increased sales, and profitably by ensuring that individuals, teams, managers and companies achieve their true potential through structured learning, effective coaching, mentoring, training, leadership and personal development. Breakthrough also provide business acceleration services to companies seeking to increase market-share, target specific prospect accounts, new sectors, new industries or new geographies.

And for those businesses that have a need for professional sales management input but simply cannot justify the salary and additional costs of NI contributions, pension, health and company car benefits of a full-time employee, Breakthrough offer a Virtual Sales Manager resource to provide hands-on (in role) practical experience and proven expertise from as little as one day per month or a number of days per month or for an agreed contract period.

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